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B.J. Campbell
Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob

Close Calls cover
People know Cougar Bob as the man who climbs trees and takes cougar and bear with his pocketknife, if necessary. Naturally, most of the book's twenty-six stories feature a narrow escape, and all of the stories are true.

Nonfiction, Outdoors
ISBN: 978-1-936178-04-9
170 pages
Joyce Caudel
The Hat Pin Murders

Hat Pin Murders cover
The world's largest social organization for women, the Red Hat Society, has over 50,000 registered members. In Joyce Caudel's new novel, The Hat Pin Murders, one of them ends up dead.

Fiction, Mystery/Cozy
ISBN: 978-1-936178-39-1
196 pages
Michael F. Connelly
Mountain Lyrics

Mountain Lyrics cover
For fifty years Buck's life had been a success, then it all began to fall apart. This is his story, at once unique and paradigmatic. Buck stumbles from hidden valleys and upland ridges to the summit of the Rock Candy Mountain. He comes face to face with terror and love, true friendship, and the magic of a young girl's dream.

Fiction, Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-936178-13-1
174 pages
Julia Dixon
The Write Choice

The Write Choice cover
Spokane author Julia Dixon gives us a smart, witty, and satirical look at what it takes to be a writer. Follow college students Ben and Hollie as they participate in a mysterious fact-finding job to research careers in writing, and learn for yourself what it takes to get a start in the industry!

Fiction, Writing
ISBN: 978-1-936178-23-0
80 pages
Devi Fournier
The Gift Exchange

The Gift Exchange cover
International television correspondent Tessa Deveraux faces an agonizing decision when her lifelong friend-and surrogate mother of her son-Abigail Montgomery asks her to do the unthinkable: help Abby die.

Fiction, Women's
ISBN: 978-1-936178-32-2
254 pages
Also available in Kindle and epub
Jesse Freels
Murder at Foxbluff Lake

Murder at Foxbluff Lake cover
Summer break has just started for fifteen-year-old Coug Hawkins, son of a former football legend at Washington State. Little does he know that the shocking discovery of a disfigured body in the lake, coupled with the mysterious disappearance of a local bartender, might just put a halt to his summer adventures.

Fiction, Mystery, YA
ISBN: 978-1-936178-36-0
194 pages
Also available in Kindle and epub
Teresa Hammel
Tobacco Root Trail Guide

Tobacco Root Trail Guide cover
The Tobacco Roots offer solace for those of us who suffer from the human condition. Here you can camp, fish, hike, ride your mule, your horse, your four-wheeler, your motorcycle or your bicycle and even bring your dog. There are dirt roads and trails enough for everyone.

Nonfiction, Outdoors, Guides
ISBN: 978-1-936178-28-5
66 pages
John Heffernan
Not One Drop of Blood

Not One Drop of Blood cover
Prisons are fear factories, but there is a better alternative: probation. Heffernan, former Superintendent at Geiger Corrections Center, explores the human side of prison versus probation.

Nonfiction, Criminal Justice
ISBN: 978-1-936178-01-8
232 pages
Estar Holmes
2012 Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes Unofficial Guidebook

2011 Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes cover
This fifth annual guide now includes the entire Bitterroot Loop, a 300k network of trails through the Bitterroot Mountains. The loop connects two popular dedicated trails, the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes and the Route of the Hiawatha, with multi-use roads and a 12-mile stretch of state highway.

Nonfiction, Outdoors, Guides
ISBN: 978-1-936178-52-0
98 pages
Terry Hughes
Burning Paradise

Burning Paradise cover
A serial arsonist has the oceanside city of Santa Marta begging for mercy, and it's up to private arson investigator Monte Raleigh to track the arsonist down. But not everybody's eager to be helpful, and the mountains are crawling with suspects in this thrilling debut novel.

Fiction, Thriller, Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-936178-35-3
262 pages
Kenny Knight
Unknown Rockstar

Unknown Rockstar cover
Kenny recounts his 40+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, from sound man to stage performer to radio host and studio master. Part raw autobiography, part how-to guide to success in The Biz, we're offered a rare glimpse of how an everyday kid harnessed his talent and made it in the entertainment industry.

Autobiography, Entertainment, Music
ISBN: 978-1-936178-31-5
228 pages
Joan Kopczynski
Spies, Lies & Psychosis

Spies, Lies and Psychosis cover
Joan Kopczynski was a stockbroker in Washington, DC, where she met and became lovers with a New York Times bestselling author and spy. At twenty-five, she experienced onset of a treatable mental illness, but later was hit by a manic episode which nearly destroyed her life. (Reviewed by the CIA to prevent disclosure of classified information.)

Autobiography, Espionage, Mental Illness
ISBN: 978-1-936178-38-4
266 pages
Paul Lecoq
Cruel & Unusual Punishment?

Cruel and Unusual Punishment cover
The justice system jumped out and bit Aaron Masters. The law failed him, so he took action, and found corruption all the way to the top. The corruption isn't the fiction. The fiction is that Aaron could do something about it.

Fiction, Crime
ISBN: 978-1-936178-17-9
240 pages
Chuck Lehman

Asher cover
Follow Legionnaire Asher from his horrific first mission in Bethlehem through three decades, as he is changed by the amazing events of the first century, ending at an empty tomb near Jerusalem.

Fiction, Biblical History
ISBN: 978-1-936178-29-2
252 pages
Michael A. Marsden
Sam d'Bear

Sam d'Bear cover
David is a local businessman and photographer who finds himself drawing the attention of two very different but extremely attractive women. When Sam d'Bear comes into his life by accident and makes a home for himself, he presents unique troubles and opportunities for David.

ISBN: 978-1-936178-15-5
218 pages
Also available in Kindle and epub
Dawn Nelson
A Cowgirl Never Forgets

A Cowgirl Never Forgets cover
Following the tradition of her award winning A Cowgirl Remembers When... Dawn continues to share her true life adventures of ranching in Washington, including dealing with the big city and living the the cowgirl way.

Nonfiction, Western
ISBN: 978-1-936178-37-7
196 pages
A Cowgirl Remembers When...

A Cowgirl Remembers When cover
Winner of the Academy of Western Artists 2010 Buck Ramsey Book of the Year Award
Somehow, Dawn survived to adulthood despite, mini-wars with her brother, her teenage years, hunting cougars with her trusty rifle, searching out cattle in the rough country, training horses, and exploring the mountains surrounding her family ranch.

Nonfiction, Western
ISBN: 978-0-9822743-4-7
198 pages
Also available in Kindle and epub
The Colt

The Colt cover
Marnie figured it was time she set off into the world on her own, before the secret she kept close to her heart came back to kill her. She soon finds that food really is the way to a man's heart, and a colt is not the only thing that can be tamed.

Fiction, Western
ISBN: 978-1-936178-13-1
222 pages
Cowgirl's Justice

Cowgirl's Justice cover
After leaving an abusive husband, Jesse Walker returns home to the small town of Danville and her Running W Ranch, only to find she has become a target. Someone is terrorizing the town, killing her animals, and threatening her life. Is it the cult that has taken up residence in the area or someone else?

Fiction, Western, Romance
ISBN: 978-1-936178-03-2
246 pages
Carolyn Hage Nunemaker
Spokane and the Inland Northwest During World War II

Spokane and the Inland Northwest During World War II cover
Thousands of civilians worked building military installations in the Inland Northwest during World War II and later worked in them. Many contributed to the economy by working in harvests and in canneries and fighting forest fires. Here are the stories of POWs, immigrants, locals, and patriots.

Nonfiction, History, Spokane
ISBN: 978-1-936178-30-8
104 pages
Nancy Pallister
Beyond Trails

Beyond Trails cover
Routes described in this guidebook are intended for the advanced backpacker who is already an experienced safe outdoorsman and seeks more challenge. Most of the routes have been done by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) courses.

Nonfiction, Outdoors, Guides
ISBN: 978-1-936178-21-6
With companion CD
James Parry
Book All the Teachers

Book All the Teachers cover
Middle school/junior high is where and when the hormones hit the fan, where one is stuck between childhood and adulthood. This is a tale of survival, for both students and teachers, a bittersweet account of a middle school teaching career which readers will find both humorous and touching (and, at times, infuriating).

Nonfiction, Education
ISBN: 978-1-936178-00-1
250 pages
Lee N. Pierce
The Vampire Congress

The Vampire Congress cover
Mickey Johnson is a rookie officer in the Crime Scene Investigation unit, responding to a radio call about a body at St. John's Episcopal Cathedral. Before long, Mickey and CSI Warner become involved with a part of the city that few are aware of, an underground society that is far more ancient and powerful than either could have guessed.

Fiction, Crime, Vampire
ISBN: 978-1-936178-34-6
320 pages
Also available in Kindle and epub
Penelope Rundle 
Last Caravan

Last Caravan cover
Full-color photos and a journal kept during a tour of Kabul, Khyber Pass and the famous Buddahs of Bamiyan in April 1978 during what became the April Revolution. Also includes a timeline of Afghanistan's central role in the historic and contemporary Middle East.

Nonfiction, Afghanistan
ISBN: 978-1-936178-05-6
90 pages
Frank Scalise
All That Counts

All That Counts cover
Graham Wilson is a thirty-something recreational hockey player who decides to follow a long-held desire to become a goaltender. His transition is both comedic and inspiring, and explores the curious paradox of the recreational game in American culture .

Fiction, Hockey
ISBN: 978-1-936178-19-3
292 pages
John Thamm 
Vets: 50 Portraits of Veterans and their Stories

Vets: 50 Portraits of Veterans and their Stories cover
Portraits, interviews, and commentary with veterans from World War II to Iraq. All 50 portraits are full color images of John Thamm's original oil paintings, printed in full color on high-quality archival paper.

Biography, Art, History
ISBN: 978-1-936178-26-1
162 pages
Full-color interior
Sherrida Woodley
Quick Fall of Light

Quick Fall of Light cover
America's passenger pigeon has been extinct for almost 100 years. Yet, in the Olympic Rain Forest of Washington State, a colony has been harbored safely and secretly for many years, and may hold the clue to halting the deadly pandemic ready to doom humanity.

Fiction, Science Fiction, Speculative
ISBN: 978-1-936178-18-6
298 pages
Also available in Kindle and epub
Frank Zafiro
And Every Man Has to Die

Every Man Has to Die cover
The Russian Mafia is making a move to control River City's crime world, and in the middle of it is a vicious and cunning gangster named Valeriy. In his way are the men and women of the RCPD, including rookie B.J. Carson. She and her colleagues must face a threat unlike anything they've seen in this gritty, fast-paced continuation of the River City series.

Fiction, Crime
ISBN: 978-1-936178-41-4
262 pages
Beneath a Weeping Sky

Beneath a Weeping Sky cover
River City is plagued by a serial rapist. His attacks are becoming more brutal, and Detective John Tower is sure that he'll go from rape to murder if he isn't stopped soon. When a series of missteps and near misses push the rapist even further, everyone involved must face their old fears, or be destroyed by them.

Fiction, Crime
ISBN: 978-1-936178-12-4
470 pages
Dead Even

Dead Even cover
Detectives and mobsters, missing mummies and a shootout with Gypsies—here are fifteen short stories featuring both major and minor characters from the River City novels, now given their own chance to shine in this fast-paced collection of theft, mystery, and murder.

Fiction, Crime, Stories
ISBN: 978-1-936178-33-9
XXX pages
Heroes Often Fail

Heroes Often Fail cover
The men and women of the River City Police Department are sworn to protect and serve. But when a 6-year-old girl is kidnapped off a residential street in broad daylight, they'll have to do more. They'll have to rise to heroic levels, or risk failing to uphold their oath.

Fiction, Crime
ISBN: 978-1-936178-14-8
282 pages
Under a Raging Moon

Under a Raging Moon cover
A young hotshot, a woman in a man's world, a near-retiree, and a former Green Beret—these are the patrol officers of River City, tasked with taking down the Scarface Robber who is terrorizing the city, all the while juggling divorces, internal politics, vengeful gang members, and a civilian population that isn't always understanding.

Fiction, Crime
ISBN: 978-1-936178-22-3
252 pages