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We are open to questions and conversation from readers and authors, as one of our primary goals is to establish a community of literary people whose purpose is not just consuming books, but interacting with them. In the very near future we'll be opening up a Q&A section of the website for readers to pose questions to our authors and editorial staff; you'll see an announcement on the home page when that arrives. In the meantime, we encourage you to direct your correspondence according to the information below.

We do have a couple stipulations because we are, not surprisingly, rather busy folks. Please do not contact us with questions for which answers can be found in less than ten seconds by doing a simple Google search. If you are curious about how to format a query letter or whether your name should appear on the top of your manuscript pages, it is extremely easy to find out. Please make use of our submission guidelines for our particular desires, and look up any of the hundreds of websites that are devoted to such topics. You can also find numerous books at your local library that will guide you through the publishing industry, including the nearly ubiquitous Writer's Market. We are happy to engage in dialogue with you if you're not able to find answers to your questions elsewhere.


We prefer communication by email; it's much easier for us to handle than dropping everything and running to the phone. Take a look at the email list below and direct your correspondence accordingly.

For submission questions: submissions[at]graydogpress.com
For sales and distribution questions: sales[at]graydogpress.com
For general information: info[at]graydogpress.com

Phone: 509.534.0372


We do accept submissions by post; for guidelines, see our submissions page. You may also mail us cookies, cash, and correspondence to the following address:

Gray Dog Press
2515 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane, WA 99202

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Gray Dog Press is now active on multiple social media platforms. We welcome you to chat with us. Send us your questions, concerns, feedback, trivia, everything! We love hearing from readers and writers alike.

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